From Here to There…Simplifying the College Admission Process

Based on my counseling experiences and educational background I take a holistic and developmental approach to college counseling. I am interested in individuals creating a vision of their personal roadmap for success.  I believe all students can succeed and realize their full potential if they are able to focus on a goal, build on their passions and discover a sense of purpose. I believe that selecting a college where a student feels a sense of belonging and importance is essential to fostering the development of a student’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth.

Getting into college is only one step along the pathway of life-long learning.


College Planning

Guidance in creating a personalized roadmap for college and career success.

ADHD Assessment & Counseling

Help to recognize, understand and meet the challenges of ADD/ADHD.

Clinical Counseling

Personalized & goal-oriented treatment plan addressing your specific challenges.